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I am an open person who invites you to come and meet me so that we can discover together a way forward to a better way of living your life whatever your problem or issue is.

Professional, Friendly and Confidential Counselling  and Hypnotherapy

Sandra Cornmell Dip Hyp CS.

Diploma in Counselling and Hypnotherapy skills

I am an Accredited member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

My hypnotic sessions include:  Virtual Gastric Band for weight loss, Trance-scent therapy to deeply imprint new suggestions, removing negative thoughts, anxiety and panic, and enhancing positive thinking toward any goal, self-esteem and confidence building allowing you to become your authentic self.

I am a caring person with good listening skills and I am friendly and approachable. My goal is to help you to make the alterations in your life that benefit you and bring you a positive future outcome. My therapy room is cosy with a comfortable reclining chair and foot stool. My voice is soothing and you will feel secure and safe in my company. You will be encouraged to speak openly to me without fear of rejection. I play ambient background music to lull you into a peaceful place of tranquillity. The whole experience is one of total relaxation. My aim is to help you to become the best you that you can be. I will enable you to find your authentic self. Together we can uncover any past issues that may currently be hindering you and with the use of hypnosis these issues can be released for good enabling you to begin again with a new clean edge to life. I will arm you with the tools to enable you find a life solution to alter undesired behaviour and alleviate negative thinking.

How I can help you

With my skills I will take you into a gentle and extremely relaxing trance state which will allow you to except new positive suggestions. While under hypnosis this information can be absorbed into your psyche allowing you to carve a new way of thinking and being for your future life. This process can remove any unwanted baggage negative thoughts, feelings, currently playing a role in your life which is causing unhealthy life choices or habits whether it is over eating, nail biting, anxiety or fears.  Depression can also be alleviated with in-depth counselling and hypnosis. Whatever your problem or issue I am here as your ally taking you step by step through a process of change from an unhealthy way of living and onto a new healthy pathway leading to total recovery from your addictions, fears, habits, bad relationship choices and mind sets.

Trance-scent therapy 24/10/2016 © Sandra Cornmell

I have discovered a new way of embedding new suggestions during the hypnotic trance with the use of scent. I call this new therapy ‘Trance-scent’.  I have found  scent and hypnosis combined is beneficial because our memory and our sense of smell are strongly linked; for example we may smell the scent of the seaside and this can take us back in time to a recollection from our childhood when we enjoyed being at the seaside. Catherine Sarah Young writes on her page ‘The Perceptionalist’ “Smell is our oldest and most powerful sense - about 2 percent of our genes are devoted to olfaction. Hence scientists believe that smell is more important than we think it is.  Helen Keller who could neither see nor hear wrote “Smell is a portent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived”. A session of Trance-scent therapy is done through the usual hypnotic induction and while in the hypnotic trance I hold a cotton bud close to your nose with a scent on it whilst repeating the new suggestion toward your chosen desired goal. You will take home with you a small phial of the scent used whilst you were in the hypnotic trance and when required you can sniff the scent which will trigger the new positive suggestion which was input whilst you were under hypnosis, this ultimately gives you a tool toward you succeeding your goal as it is a strong reminder of your desire to change your behaviour.

“You can’t go forward in life until you have let go of your past failures and heartaches”     
© Sandra Cornmell