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Professional, Friendly and Confidential Counselling  and Hypnotherapy

How I work

Alongside counselling you will enjoy a full hypnotic experience reclining in a comfortable chair listening to ambient background music which will lull you into a peaceful place of tranquillity as I speak soothingly to you taking you gradually into a deep and tranquil hypnotic trance. The whole experience is one of total relaxation.

Session One – The Initial Consultation of one hour Hypnotherapy involves exploring your past and present history; discovering how you have become the person you now are and the reasons you are continuing to hinder your life with your problem, issue or habit. I am here to listen and acknowledge all of your thoughts and feelings and concerns; this allows me to gather all of the information concerning your past and present. I can then see a complete picture of you and your life which enables both of us to understand how you have become the person that you are and why you continue with unhealthy behaviours. The next part of this session will be used to take you into a relaxing hypnotic trance; this trance state allows me to communicate directly with your sub-conscious mind, while you are in trance I can through suggestion remove negative habits and behaviours and replace them with positive ideas which will be tailored to your specific requirement.

Session Two - (If required) Not everyone will need further hypnotherapy., however if required this session is of one hour duration and will involve further counselling concerning past issues and trauma’s and further in-depth hypnosis for your personal specific needs which would have been discussed with you at the last session.

Further Sessions are recommended for deep issues; this may involve regression into your childhood to enable you to retrieve and heal past wounds by meeting your inner child and thereby finding solace and closure to these unhappy recollections.

Together we complete the puzzle of why you’re currently exercising certain life choices and gain the knowledge to why you are behaving negatively. Once I have gathered all of the information about you I can put a plan into action particularly based upon your needs. I will write a particular hypnotic screed which will be used for your future hypnotherapy session/s with me. Ultimately I will bring you success by altering negative thinking into positive and successful thinking toward your future, therefore you would no longer feel a need to over-eat, feel anxious, or fearful, continue a bad habit or feel depressed.

What happens at the initial consultation?

My therapy is based upon building your self-esteem and confidence toward achieving your goals whatever they may be. Firstly I ask all of my clients to complete my Initial consultation form. Once I have received the completed form I make an appointment with you normally within a week of receiving this. I will write a particular hypnotic screed which will be used for your hypnosis session at our first meeting. At our first meeting I will listen to you to gather all of the information concerning your past. This allows me to see a complete picture of you and your life which helps me and you to understand how you have become the person that you are. Together we complete the puzzle of why you currently make unhealthy life choices or the reasons for your behaviours. I will through hypnotherapy enable you to achieve a complete recovery from your past issues, habits or fears.

How often do you need to come?

How often you may need therapy with me varies from person to person and this is something that we discuss at the end of a hypnotherapy session. Some client’s only require one session to accomplish a new state of mind. However if more than one session is required, this would normally be made seven days after the first session. Some of my client’s return on a monthly basis as they like to have top up hypnotic sessions of 20 minutes duration of which I do at a reduced rate.