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Services and Fees

The Initial consultation of 20 minutes duration allows an opportunity to gather information and assess the way forward toward a positive outcome and enjoy a relaxing hypnotheric experience.  This session gives the opportunity to meet face to face to evaluate each other for the future success of therapy. At this first session we can discuss in detail the reason you want to attend therapy and thereby I can create a plan of action particularly for you and your needs which will be used in future consultation sessions.  Many reasons for addictions or behaviours have begun because of incidents that have occurred in our lives; in our past, sometimes way back into our childhood years.  These occurrences can continue to hinder us in our adult lives, i.e. food can have become an emotional comfort as is the habit of smoking or nail-biting; having low self-esteem and phobia’s in particular are prevalent because of a past memory.  All of these symptoms and many others can be addressed and dealt with leaving you free of any restraints enabling you to enjoy the rest of your life in liberty.

Hypnotherapy Sessions of 40 minutes duration will be tailored especially to your needs. These sessions give an opportunity to re-assess your past and discover why you continue with a bad habit or have a tendency to over-eat or lack confidence or have low self-esteem  or suffer from a phobia which is holding you back from doing what you really want to do in your life.  This is an opportunity to become the person that you always should have been;  discover yourself and your real abilities; build a new future where anything that you wish for is possible at the hands of yourself, your true self, free of old restraints of the past.   Whatever your undesired behaviour is, or your new desired behaviour is can be achieved and  success can be yours; all you need to do is open the door and allow new healthier changes to occur within yourself and ultimately in your life.  I am here to guide you throughout the whole process to becoming the authentic person that you always should have been.

I look forward to meeting you.  Please see the contact information on the next page.

My main clinic is in Gracelands, Quedgeley Gloucester.

There is also availability in commercial buildings in Clifton, Bristol. Harley Street, London & Quedgeley Village Hall, Gloucester

Fee’s for Initial Consultation and Hypnotherapy Sessions

Initial consultation of 20 minutes and 40 minutes Hypnotherapy @ £59.00 including VAT

40 minutes Hypnotherapy @ £35.00 including VAT

20 minutes top up hypnotic session @ £20.00 including VAT

One off 2 hour intense Stop Smoking Hypnosis @ £185.00 including VAT

Trance-scent therapy £36.00 for 40 mins


Clifton and Harley Street fees are available on request.

Group therapies can be arranged on request.

Services and Fees