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Becky Burrows who came to me for Smoking Cessation wrote on 1st March 2018

“Dear Sandra

I am extremely pleased thank you. Of course I will give you feedback.

I came to Sandra to quit my habit of smoking. I found Sandra to be very professional, personal and thorough. The experience was effortless and very effective, I have not had a cigarette since the first session! (I loved smoking too) I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone thinking of quitting smoking.”

Hope that’s ok.
Many thanks

Hi Sandra,

Here is my feedback as requested " Prior to my therapy with Sandra I was so anxious I could not go out shopping or anywhere there were crowds of People.  After my hypnotherapy sessions I am now able to enjoy my life again, I go out shopping and I've even been to a festival recently"!  Thank you so much Sandra for helping me to find myself again.

Kirsty x

 I came to see Sandra after struggling with binge drinking after the death of my father and sudden death of my younger sister. Sandra managed to help me through such a difficult time with a combination of talking therapy and hypnotherapy. After my sessions I dealt with the grief so much better I stopped the regular binge drinking and have since not needed antidepressants. So all in all it was worth every penny! I was slightly sceptical about hypnotherapy to begin with but Sandra is so laid back and easy to talk to that it wasn't an issue! I definitely recommend going to see Sandra to help with whatever issue you feel you have as she has a great success rate and it has genuinely helped me. I'm so glad that I built the courage to go and see her!


On Monday 14th November 2016 Katie Cove wrote: "I felt really low when I first met Sandra and just after one meeting I was able to analyse my life my family and myself - Sandra made me feel stronger - that I could achieve anything and that I was a strong person - thank you so much for helping me turn my life around for the better xxxxxxx"   

Hi Sandra, I hope that you are well?

I thought I'd just let you know how I've got on since visiting you. So far, I've lost 1st and 6lbs! It only took a week to shrink my stomach. I haven't had an alcoholic drink since the 23rd July. To start with I knew that I couldn't have a drink and now I don't want a drink. I even lost 1lb when we went on an all inclusive holiday! I've only given up sweets, alcohol and crisps, so I eat everything else, just very small portions. I drink about 3/4litres of water a day, not because I have to, but because I want to!

I've recommended you to my Mother-in-Law, I've told her to give you a ring herself. Hopefully, if she plucks up the courage, you'll hear from her  soon. Thanks very much for working your magic on me!


Aimee French wrote: “I throughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy sessions with Sandra and found they have helped me in generally coping better with day to day life. They have helped me to begin my weight loss journey confident in the knowledge I can do it, and have helped ease a lot of the anxieties I had before I started. I would highly recommend Sandra at Gracelands counselling and hypnotherapy. “


Carly Cripwell (whom lives in Essex and was staying with a relative in Kingsway Gloucester while she attended hypnotherapy with Sandra) wrote “I think the sessions with yourself definitely helped me be a little more positive, even family have commented on this, it's being tested at the moment I have to admit, but I think they did me good and that was mainly as you was so kind and I felt at ease having therapy with you.  If I come and visit my cousin again I will definitely book in another session with you. And after a lifetime of being petrified of the idea of hypnotherapy I am considering finding someone to see in Essex now. Thank you so much for your help, please feel free to use my comments if they are any good to you. “



Richard wrote, who prefers to remain anonymous  “ Sandra my feedback is, I was pleased with my hypnotherapy sessions I received as it helped me to focus my mind in a positive mind frame, which meant I could move forward in a positive way. My hypnotherapy sessions have bought  about small changes which have had a big impact toward a positive attitude and allowed me to move forward to be happier in life struggles.”